Go Creative! It’s Your Native State
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BOOK 1 in the GoCreative! Series

This is the first book in a series of guides for creative entrepreneurs, those who make their living from running passion-based business. It shows you how to build a business, and expand your influence and income, the creative way.

This is a standalone book; you do not have to read any of the others to enjoy its benefits.

We are all creative but too few of us know how to harness the creative magic of our own subconscious mind. This is how we create flow… and occasionally, genius.

Contrary to what nay-sayers who have never honestly tried it insist, creativity can be taught and learned, but not in the same way as intellectual learning. These skills are facilitated, not tutored, and the same principles and process and practices apply whether you’re building a book or a bridge or a business.

Creative is our native state: always there, underlying our conscious thoughts and learned behaviors. We just need to know how to uncover it and allow it to flow to the surface.

Beginning with seven kinds of creative block, this book demonstrates how to become a conscious creator and how to develop the habits that foster originality, insight and innovative thinking. You’ll learn how to engage the create-state any time you want and what it means to go creative, in work and in life.

At once a memoir, a meditation on the creative process, and an eloquent companion to building a business around doing what you love, this is also an instructional work-play book. It offers all you need to lighten up, let go and leap into your own creative potential, whatever you’re creating.

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