How Authors Sell Publishing Rights
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The writer’s path to publication has grown more complex, as new choices emerge. What once was a one-track pathway to print in now a maze of formats, platforms, apps, films, broadcast, foreign, translation, audio and more. Each of these markets offers different opportunities and operates by different rules. How are writers to find their way without a team of experts and lawyers? The Alliance of Independent Authors is releasing How Authors Sell Publishing Rights to help authors navigate today’s complex rights marketplace. A compilation of advice from publishing and legal experts, How Authors Sell Publishing Rights shows writers the best ways to reach decision-makers in various industries, what these rights-buyers are looking for, and what to expect in negotiating a license or sale of rights. Covering both business and legal aspects, and focussing particularly on audiobooks, TV & film and translation, How Authors Sell Publishing Rights shows how the rights landscape for authors is transforming and yielding unprecedented opportunities. This is the how-to book for authors who want to confidently and competently license and sell their publishing rights.

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