Selective Rights Licensing: Sell Your Book Rights At Home and Abroad
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Authors: want to know how to make more money from your books without writing another word?

Receiving self-publishing commissions or publisher royalties is only one revenue stream for your books. There are many other possibilities, from translations to video games, merchandising to print, but the rights world is a complex mix of formats, platforms, apps, territories and terms. Each market and each buyer offers different opportunities and operates by different rules. This guides you through.

It shows you how to approach rights buyers, what they’re looking for, and what to expect when discussing the license or ‘sale of rights’ for your book. You’ll learn how to pitch, negotiate and close a deal, and how to work with literary agents and global publishing companies. You will also be introduced to the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)’s indie author rights program, which offers ongoing support.

Everything you need to begin successfully and selectively licensing your publishing rights for sale.

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