How To Create Anything
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BOOK 2 in the GoCreative! Series

This second book in the Go Creative! series of guides to the exhilarating experience of living a consciously creative life introduces the seven stages of the creative process. It is a standalone book; you do not have to read any of the others to enjoy its benefits.

Like the rest of the books in the series, this is not a book about writing or innovation, arts or crafts. Its subject is how to apply creative principles and practices to everything you do, for greater health, wealth and happiness.

Once you understand the power of your own creative potential, and how to apply it, your whole life changes. You feel more confident, become more skillful at work and at play, and access all the energy and motivation you need to create the life you want.

Along with conscious creation comes the courage and understanding you need to dissolve or drop the negative aspects of your life, allowing you to end or transform poor relationships, to turn draining anxiety into invigorating excitement, to build strength, stamina and flexibility in mind, body and spirit.


How To Create Anything outlines the mapping method I use in my own life to write and publish my books, run my Internet enterprises and non-profit, and live the most creative life I can.

At once a memoir, a meditation on the creative process, and an instructional work-play book, this guide shows you how to choose what you most want to create, then how to take it through the seven stages of the creative process that turns dreams into reality.

I turn the lessons I’ve learned over thirty years of a writing, publishing and teaching career (and fifty-plus years of living), into explanations and exercises that will meet you wherever you are. From there, you’ll draw the maps you need to guide you through each stage of the process.

As explained in Go Creative! It’s Your Native State, that is how you were meant to live, what you were created for. Here you will find a step-by-step explanation of the creative way that allows for its depth, resonance, challenge and unpredictablity but that also cannot fail if you follow it.


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