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BOOK 6 from the GoCreative! series

This the second edition of this book about the meditation technique I use. The structure and step-by-step approach of Inspiration Meditation creates the conditions for conscious creative living, allowing instant access to the space beyond thought that is the source of all creative ideas and insights. This book includes an in-depth question-and-answer section about the physical, emotional and imaginative benefits of meditation and this particular method, as well as a guide to meditating often and well. And ways to incorporate Inspiration Meditation into daily life. Also included: a guided creative visualisation, to connect you to what you most what to create.

Use this meditation method regularly for:

  • increased creative flow in all aspects of your life
  • more awareness and presence
  • greater peace, ease and enjoyment of life
  • deeper connection with all you are creating, consciously and unconsciously

Inspiration Meditation is not just for writers and artists, though they will find it intensely useful, says Orna. It is for anyone who wants to master the art of conscious creation.

Also accompanying Inspiration Meditation Audio.

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