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Keepers: Selected Inspirational Poetry
Category: Poetry

A break from your daily struggles is only a verse away…

Keepers is a collection of stirringly crafted inspirational poetry.

It celebrates and explores both the immense and the seemingly insignificant. From soaring imagery to comforting Irish blessings, this collection of poems sweeps the reader into a world of peace and tranquility. Ross’s words brim with a worshipful appreciation of life itself.

If you like rich emotions, uplifting cadences, and brushes with the infinite, then you’ll love Orna Ross’s achingly beautiful work.

Buy Keepers to renew your spirit today!

“Ross’s verse is technically brilliant, emotionally beguiling and, at times, startling.”

~ Poetry Editor, The View From Here Literary Magazine

“Orna’s poetry reaches into the corners of your soul and pulls out all that is beautiful.”

~ SoWrite Linda

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