Poetry Pamphlets (Volume III)
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If you are a poetry lover, then you’re sure to appreciate these poems about love, poems about life, poems about loss, and faith, and redemption — all delivered in simple, yet achingly beautiful, words. My poetry tends towards the inspirational. I often don’t know what a poem is about until I find it coming together on the page. I just feel the itch that says, this one’s a poem, not a story. I first publish my poems in pamphlets that I call Ten Thoughts About Love with yes, ten poems in each (except for Vol III, which includes haiku, so I put some extra in, as they are so short.) I write haiku daily specifically as a way to generate creative presence. I’ve lately started posting them with pictures on my Instagram. I also rather loosely translate old Irish blessings. Each collection of ten usually has a blessing poem in it. Blessing is an art in itself; we still do it (Have a nice day!) but we’ve forgotten what it is and what it’s about. For me, a poem is a key, unlocking a moment and revealing the infinite well of possibilities that i, and every moment, contains..

Want a sample? Listen to some poems.


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