Secret Rose: Unique Two-In-One Special Edition Hardback
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Tags: Irish fiction, Irish historical fiction, special edition, women’s fiction

Available only from this website. This Special Limited Edition is NORMALLY £40 + £7.20 postage; Gift Offer (including gold-straw packing, card, dedication and special message): only £25 + £5 postage.

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It’s not easy to find a unique and totally thoughtful gift these days but this is something super-special for any true book lover. I spent the early part of 2015 putting together this hardback book, in celebration of 150th birth anniversary of the great poet WB Yeats. (You can read more about how I created this stunning Victorian replica using the most up-to-date digital technology in this article by The Bookseller Magazine). It’s not just the book’s physical properties — the detailed gold foiling stamped on navy cloth pictorial boards, the intricateCeltic and occult imagery – that make it so uniquely special. For a start, it’s not one book but two: WB Yeats talismanic shortstory collection, published in 1897 as The Secret Rose, is brought together with my novel (Her Secret Rose), that tells the true story of what was going on in Yeats life, as he wrote those stories. They were fired, as was so much of his work, by his passion for the British heiress turned Irish revolutionary, Maud Gonne. Theirs was a love that changed the course of history for two nations and their story is revealed more tragic, more funny and a great deal more complicated than the poetic myth Yeats put out.

Only 500 (numbered) copies of this special, collector’s edition will ever be made available; each signed, lovingly wrapped, andis patched directly from me to the reader. It took a lot of work but this is a beautiful piece of visual and literary art that should give great joy to any lover of fine fiction and poetry — especially those with an interest in Ireland and Irish cultural history.

Producing this book was a labour of love, in honour of Yeats’s birthday commemoration in 2015. Twenty-five wonderful readers helped me to fund much of the production cost and so I can offer it at this affordable price. I want it to go to those who will appreciate it. As well as signing the book, I include a dedication and a handwritten card. Enter thereader’s name, and details of anything you’d like me to write on the book or in the card, in the “special instructions” box you’ll meet as you go through Paypal payment. If you’ve any other ideas about how you’d like to make it all special and personal, drop me an email here once you’ve ordered, to tell me your preferences.

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