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The Go Creative! Books

Please Note: All previous Go Creative! books have been withdrawn and the new, revised and updated series for creative entrepreneurs is now in pre-launch. Each book will launch when enough people have expressed interest by pre-ordering.

To pre-order, sign up below. On launch day, you will receive notice of how to purchase.

You will be able to buy in print and ebook format, here on this website, or in your favorite online retail store. Scroll below for further details about the series and purchase those books that are currently available.

The Go Creative! Series

This series is aimed at creative entrepreneurs, those who (want to) run a passion-powered business that has a positive impact in the world.

Authors, life coaches, healers, activists, artists, filmmakers, performers, gamers, makers, coders, activists… Movers and shakers of all kinds

This series is a complete guide to growing a creative business the creative way–from an indie author who runs a successful self-publishing business and a leading nonprofit.


  • three kinds of creative practiceWhat is a creativepreneur and what does it mean to go creative?
  • How to dissolve creative business block
  • The importance of Creative Flow Practice for a creative in business and practices that will transform your business (and your life)
  • The three hats every creativepreneur must wear: Crafter (practices and produces); Director (paces and processes); andEntrepreneur (pitches and publishes)
  • The seven business models for creatives
  • The sequence of creative success
  • How to make more time and more money
  • How To stop struggling and tap your own innate creative capacity to bring your business to success–your way

Readers are also supported by the Creativist Club and a weekly Monday Motivator.

A Creativist Compendium: Creative Business, Creative Live

An anthology of inspirations, insights, and illuminations to ignite your own creative spark, the novel extracts illustrate creative principles in action, and the poems aim to ignite the state of creative presence within, as you read.


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Go Creative! in Business Book 1:

The 3 Pathways to Profit for Creative Entrepreneurs

As a creativepreneur, you need to know how to apply your innate creative potential to working on, as well as in, your business.