On my back.
In the dark.
Given up
to night.

I lie, a fool
A suckling.
turning in
and will,
in the urges
of the underneath.

Up there
the spangled stars.
The moon
one quarter lit
and on the wane.
Hiding its hollows
in its divide.

And the black
That dark
that shades
the darkness.
The lacuna.

Night pulls me in


Night holds me still.
Night holds my wants
against my will,
until I am upended,
and released to rise


Oh stars, shining in from forever
ago, unfathomable in your million
millions (Why so many?) And
in your age. (How old?).
Your hearts exploding
into dust
somehow making us?

Oh moon, so cratered and so constant.
Growing darkness in the month’s
declining shine, showing all fullness
shades to fading. Then back again.

Oh dear darkness
that sets all
the light alight.
Oh yes, our dear


Held, I hold.
I take all in

The milky ways of silken stars;
the mingled shades of ink between;
the black and blue; the human moon.
And all I’ve said and felt and seen.

All here. All held. All level held.
All level and forever held. Here,
in my own holding, in the empyrean.


Watch out for a new poetry chapbook coming soon, another “Ten Thoughts About Love”.