Need support in framing, and bringing about, your creative intentions for 2011? You can apply for a special New Year’s Creative Intelligence Coaching Program. (See below)


How are those resolutions for 2011 coming along? If you’re like most people, they already lie broken and discarded.

One widespread study found that 90% of us break 90% of our resolutions within the first week of the new year.

What’s more significant is that research also suggests those who make resolutions tend to be more successful in creating what they want than those who don’t.

This adds up to a picture of poor creative skills — with the vast majority of  us failing to manifest what we most need and want. (This isn’t surprising when you consider how our creative intelligence has been suppressed).

If you’re looking for a better way, you’ll find it in creative intention.

So what’s the difference? Among other attributes, Creative Intention:

  • Is Non-judgemental. New year’s resolutions see you as flawed, in need of fixing, and the motivation for change is shame and guilt. Creative Intention recognizes that you are good enough as you are, that your desires and wants are there to lead you to what you most need to know.
  • Is Positive. New year’s resolutions are generally framed in terms of what we don’t like about ourselves (“I’m giving up…”; “I’ll never again…”). Creative Intention is framed as a positive proposal, an opening to something you’d enjoy. (“I’d love to…” “Wouldn’t it be great if…”)
  • Is Selective. Creative Intention recognises that you can have anything you want but you can’t have everything you want. It sets intention within the framework of your truest values and priorities.
  • Is Expressive. NY resolutions aim to control and contain your behaviour. Creative intention focusses on expressing your deepest self.
  • Is Focussed. NY resolutions are often vague. (“I’m going to write a book.”) The core of creative intention is directed attention (“I’m setting up a desk in the back room so I can write 500 words a day before work”).
  • Is Imaginative. New year’s resolutions harness the power of the conscious will. Creative Intention knows behaviour is driven by both conscious and unconscious impulses and harnesses the power of the imagination — knowing this is the only human faculty capable of accommodating all three dimensions of the human mind.
  • Is Longterm. As Oscar Wilde said, “New Year’s Resolutions go in one year and out another”. A creative intention is held in place until it is fulfilled or no longer wanted.

Create What You Truly Want  in 2011.coaching

Need support in framing and bringing about your creative intentions for 2011?

I am offering a one off New Year’s creative coaching program to the first 10 suitable people who apply.    The program includes:

  • A Creative Intentions Questionnaire to establish your priorities – what you truly need and want in 2011, under various headings — money, relationships, work, art, etc.
  • An exploration of the seven stages of the creative process as applied to you and what you hope to create this year.
  • One-to-one discussion of challenges and possible blocks – by email/telephone/skype.
  • Framing of intentions and establishment of routines and practices to foster flow.
  • A year-long creative plan for you — broken into monthly and weekly steps to take.
  • Follow-up check-in at the beginning of February, April and September 2011.

The cost of this program, a special New Year offer, is £275. It is open only to the first 10 suitable people who apply.

You can find out more about creative coaching here.

Apply by sending me an email telling me what you want to create and why.

Orna Ross
Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is an award-winning novelist and poet, advocate for self-publishing and, as Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, "one of the 100 most influential people in publishing" (The Bookseller).