Beginner’s Guide To Creative Intelligence Lesson #2: Make space for inspiration.                                        

So… inspiration exists.  Occasionally it will erupt, breaking through to the surface all on its own but such occasions are rare and unreliable.  It is up to us to align with inspiration to receive its gifts.  

Aligning with inspiration begins with the clearing of space.   

Creative space has three certain dimensions and a possible fourth.

  1. Time — the “bigger” the aim, the deeper your ambition, the more time (generally speaking) you will need to set aside.  Where will you find the time to create the things you want?
  2. Place — Somewhere relatively clean and dry, not too hot or cold, where you can dream, think, plan, work…  What does your necessary physical space, Virginia Woolf’s famous “room of one’s own”, look like ?
  3. Silence – Space and place must be cleared within as well as without.  How will you shut out distractions so you can focus?    
  4. Solitude – there are exceptions but most creatives (including creative collaborators) need regular doses of alone time.  Who needs to be told?

Do not move on to Lesson #3 until you have answered these questions, until you have cleared your space.

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Inspiring Link of the Day: Adrienne Rich is one of my favourite poets.  I used her line from “Diving Into The Wreck” – the words are purposes/the words are maps” – as an epigraph for A Dance in Time.  Here’s an early review of her latest book, A Human Eye: Essays on Art in Society, 1997-2008 from the San Francisco Chronicle which concludes that Rich’s work continues to  insist on poetry’s importance. “In dark times, poets continue to recollect visions of freedom”, to offer “a journey to reclaim the fullness of the senses”.