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My Patrons

This is the page where I celebrate my patrons on Patreon.

My patrons on Patreon have access to exclusive poems and stories hot off the presses and lots of other special offers.

I couldn’t do what I do without them

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Thank You Reader Patrons…

… for valuing story and poetry. You know I have a lot of commitments and that it can get busy around here. Your contribution encourages me to show up for my own creative work, to stay connected to that deeper place and keep on writing new stories and poems, month after month.

Poetry Reader Patrons Tier 1: Exclusive Poetry Feed

  • Ben Cranham
  • Shaun Ivory
  • Howard Lovy
  • Ornagh Lynch
  • Ross Lynch
  • Philomena Murphy
  • Mala Naidoo

    “I’m Mala Naidoo from Australia, an author, teacher and university student advisor and not a lot of people know that it took over a decade of procrastination before I wrote my first novel.”

    “I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because of the value and inspiration she offers as a respected, trusted voice in the publishing world as mentor, advisor, accomplished poet and author.”

  • Leena Pekkalainen
  • Rohan Quine
  • Debbie Young

Reader Patron Tier 2: Exclusive Poetry Feed + EBooks.

“I’m Maura Dolan from Dublin, Ireland an executive coach and facilitator and not a lot of people know that as well as my love of fun and laughter I have a deep commitment to working with people to bring about change.”

“I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because. I have followed Orna’s remarkable journey to bring her passion for poetry, English and the written word to a wide and international audience”

Exclusive Poetry Feed + EBooks + Print 

  • Robin Cutler

Ultimate Patron

  • Philip Lynch

Custom Pledge or No Reward

“I’m Deborah Bluestein (Dorah Blume) from Boston, a writer/illustrator and not a lot of people know that I had a love affair with a blue guitar.”

“I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I am so grateful for all she does for the writing community and most especially for the morning guided meditations and free writes I have been doing with her since September of 2018.”


Thank You Writer Patrons…

… for making your private world public, for being a “priest of the invisible” (Wallace Stevens) and for proving that poetry is not dead but alive and thriving as never before in our digital days. I look forward to reading your work and, if you’re a poet, featuring your work on our Monthly Online Open Mic:

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