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Here is where I celebrate my featured patrons.

Have you heard about Patreon, the membership platform that makes it easy for readers, followers, and fans to support the creators they love? My Patreon page is here: Patreon.com/OrnaRoss

My patrons include my reader group, who receive a new monthly poem or story extract from me, my book patrons who are first to receive my novels and poetry books, and other indie authors and poets who receive weekly resources and monthly workshops to help them publish well and run a good author business.

I’m honored that so many of my patrons are awesome writers and publishers themselves. Scroll down to read about these wonderful people and their work.

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About Orna RossThank You Reader Patrons…

… for valuing and supporting my writing. There are so many negative and deflating words pushed at us each day. Your contribution motivates me to show up, to stay connected to the place where the good stuff comes from, and to keep on writing and publishing new novels and poetry books.

“I’m Mala Naidoo from Australia, an author, teacher and university student advisor.

Not a lot of people know that it took over a decade of procrastination before I wrote my first novel.”

“I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because of the value and inspiration she offers as a respected, trusted voice in the publishing world as mentor, advisor, accomplished poet and author.”


“I’m Rohan Quine from London, a novelist.

Not a lot of people know that I share a home with an ever-curious, sociable, tidy and caramel-coloured young rabbit, who loves to scamper around the apartment and balcony, getting under my and my boyfriend’s feet (and who will soon have a bunny girlfriend to scamper with).”

“I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I’ve always been a fan of the (divine) feminine – something that suffuses many of her works, and something that human society will be enriched by embracing much more than it’s done in recent centuries.”

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Orna Ross patrons

Thank you #indiepoetryplease patrons…

… for making your private world public, for being a “priest of the invisible” (Wallace Stevens) and for proving that poetry is not dead but thriving more than ever in our digital days. I love reading your submissions. Keep them coming!

“I’m May Francis, from Kalamata, Greece, but have been living abroad for the past 12 years.

I’m a writer, a poet, and a blogger. Not a lot of people know that I once made banana bread, without bananas!

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I enjoy Orna’s podcasts and also I’d like to be a member of this community.”

  • Tracy Robertson

“I’m Tracy Robertson presently living in Altona, Manitoba but I consider Saint John, New Brunswick to be my hometown of choice as I lived there most of my life.

Not a lot of people know that I am a (closet) writer and have been since I was 16.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I am a lover of words, poetry and emotion. Reading has always been my passion, but writing has always been my dream.”

“Hi, I’m Chris Black from Enniscorthy. Retired, and not a lot of people know that in my past life I did some stage acting, performed with a ballad group, sat mic side on and off for 16 years as producer/presenter on local and pirate radio stations. I published my first book of poetry/short stories Same Train, Different Track in September 2016. I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I believe it will benefit me and hopefully assist her in her valuable work.”


“Hi, I’m Lindsay Musgrove from Plano, TX, a writer, and not a lot of people know that I enjoy gaming, as well!

I am a patron of Orna on Patreon, because I highly support not just well-known, but indie poets of all shapes and sizes and believe they deserve to be read.”


  • Laurie Mansur

“I’m Laurie Mansur from Concord, California, USA, and I’m an artist and poet. Not a lot of people know that I write poetry, and I am hoping to change that! I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I love her inspiring poetry and in hopes of publishing my work at some point. Thanks! ”


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“I’m Maura Dolan from Dublin, Ireland an executive coach and facilitator and not a lot of people know that as well as my love of fun and laughter I have a deep commitment to working with people to bring about change.”

“I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I have followed Orna’s remarkable journey to bring her passion for poetry, English and the written word to a wide and international audience”

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  • Robin Cutler

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“I’m Marion Hermannsen, writing as Ella J. Smyth, from Frankfurt, Germany. I write Urban Fantasy Romance, moving into Reverse Harem with my next series.

People who meet me online don’t usually know that, although a German native, I picked up a heavy Irish accent, thanks to my Limerick husband.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon to benefit from her experience in the areas of motivation and book marketing.

So pleased to be here!”


  • Reita Pendry

Reita Pendry“Hello, my name is Reita Pendry. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I am a retired criminal defense attorney and I write legal mysteries.

A fun fact that most people don’t know about me is that I wrote and published a ghost story novella, under a pseudonym.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I need an organized way to approach my writing as a business. I now have 5 novels in my Mercy Johnson series and I do next-to-nothing to promote them. I want to change that.”


  • Allison Singh

Allison Singh“I’m Allison Singh from Long Island, NY, USA and I’m an author of non-fiction and contemporary romance.  For romance, I use the pen name Betsy Adams, a mashup of two notably smart and romantic American women – Betsy Ross and Abigail Adams.

Not a lot of people know that I take piano lessons, and that many years ago I had to drop a class taught by a young law professor named Barack Obama. In hindsight, quite a regrettable decision!

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I want to learn from the best and support the “indie” movement!”

“Hi, I’m Emma Dhesi from Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m an author of contemporary women’s fiction and not a lot of people know I’m a huge Celine Dion fan.
I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because she helps me drive my author business forward with good planning and clear vision for the future.”

“I’m Liz Hurst, originally from the UK, now living in the south of France, and I’m a historical fiction author and freelance fiction editor.

Not a lot of people know that I can’t shake the habit of waking at 5am after years working in automotive engineering.

I’m Orna’s patron because I want to bring some discipline and organisation to my business. I hope that better structure and planning will help me achieve that.”

  • Mindy DuVernet

Hi, I’m Mindy DuVernet from Portland, Oregon, a writer, of various genres.

Not a lot of people know that I used to ride a pearl white Harley Davidson Road King… I love a good road trip.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I want my writing and storytelling to resonate with a larger audience. My head is full of good ideas. I just have some trouble with great execution. I am not satisfied with just being able to execute, I want the book to be the best it can be.”

“Hi, I’m Casper Pieters from Seminyak, Bali, an educator|author|speaker.
Not a lot of people know that I found the second biggest treasure on Dutch soil at the age of fourteen! (what is your next dream after that?)
I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because her knowledge-sharing is without parallel.”

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“I’m Deborah Bluestein (Dorah Blume) from Boston, a writer/illustrator.

Not a lot of people know that I had a love affair with a blue guitar.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I am so grateful for all she does for the writing community and most especially for the guided meditations and f-r-e-e-writes I have been doing with her since September of 2018.”


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