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Author Business Planning

I offer a number of creative business planning tools for indie authors, tools that bring authors through a proven sequence of success.

Creative business planning is not just business as usual. So much business advice is mechanical and one-dimensional and purely profit-driven. Your business is also (perhaps primarily) driven by your passion as an author, your sense of mission and purpose, as much as a profit motive.

  • You are motivated by money and meaning. Your business planning must allow for that.
  • And every working creative knows that rest and play are not breaks from the process, they are the process. A creative business plan must account for creative rest and creative play as well as work.
  • Your plan must also be flexible enough to allow for intuition, spontaneous insights, inspired deviations, and taking the road less traveled.

Creative Business Planning for Authors: Monthly Membership

My premium option is a planning membership that includes downloadable resources and planners, a mid-month motivator and a Facebook group for accountability and support and a small-group monthly live workshop.

The workshops run on zoom but these are not large-scale webinars. Places are limited so personal attention is assured.

Sign up to this monthly membership on my Patreon page — you can unsubscribe after a single workshop or any time you want.


Creative Business Planning for Authors: Mid-Month Motivator

Monday MotivatorReceive a mid-month planning pep talk from me.

Sign up for your monthly motivator here.


Creative Business Planning for Authors: Facebook Group

In our Facebook group we support, motivate and hold each other accountable by mapping our creative intentions each Monday morning and logging our accomplishments each Friday evening.

Join the Creative! Business Planning for Authors Facebook group here