I have thoughts/
but I am not my thoughts. I am/
one who sees them swirl. What can be seen/
is not the seer. I have/
thoughts but my thoughts are not me.

I have a body /
but I am not my body. I am /
one who makes it move. What can be moved/
is not the mover. I have/
a body but my body is not me./

I have feelings/ but I am not my feelings. I am/
one who feels them feel. What can be felt/
is not the feeler. I have /
feelings but my feelings are not me./

I have wants /
but I am not my wants. I am one /
who knows desire. What can be known /
is not the knower. I have /
wants but my wants are not me.

For me, a poem is a key, unlocking a moment in time and revealing the infinite well of possibilities that every moment holds. Poetry brings us to creative presence.

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