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Are you a poet? Would you like to take part in “The Prosperous Poet”, a new poetry online open mic and advice clinic?

Don’t be intimidated. It’s a very warm and welcoming audio space for poets, rappers, singer/songwriters and anyone who loves the spoken and written word, at every stage of development. A friendly and inviting, open and inclusive community.

  • Anyone to come and join in, whether to perform or read or listen. We love listeners and lots of our performers lurk for a while before registering to perform
  • Speakers get five minutes each and can speak in any format, reading or performing, sharing own or others’ work.
  • Also includes a Q&A Advice Clinic (The Prosperous Poet) where you can ask questions about making money from publishing your poetry in the digital age
  • Widely broadcast, using the media, podcasting and social media networks of Orna Ross and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

It’s all very new and we are still being shaped so come along and join and in and let’s see what we can make together.

Poetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: Opportunity 

This event is an opportunity for you to reach a wider audience with your poetry and learn more about making a living as a poet in the digital age. The open mic will be:

  • a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Twitch and many other outlets
  • featured on my website and linked to the extensive network of the Alliance of Independent Authors
  • publicized through traditional media and social media influencers

You will be free to link to the audio and use it however you wish.

Poetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: Expectations

Listeners can just turn up on the night to Facebook Live. There is no charge for listening but you are invited to support the work by becoming a poetry patron here.

Speakers, readers, performers need to:

  1. Register using the form on this page
  2. Read or perform on Facebook Live Audio
  3. Meet a tech spec which we’ll email to you. Nothing complicated, we just need to ensure your sound quality is good. (We’ll help you with this if you’re unsure).
  4. Don’t be a “Hollywood Poet”, only concerned about your own performance. We are building a community, where listening is as valuable as speaking.

Poetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: Featured Poet

Each Open Mic event will also feature one poet who will read/perform more extensively and be interviewed about their influences and the background to their work. On registration, you’ll receive full details of how to apply to be featured (ten poets per year).

Poetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: Running Order 

  1. Orna and co-host: reading and performance
  2. Open mic: variety of readings and performances
  3. Featured poet: reading/performance
  4. Q&A about poetry publishing in the digital age and making a living from poetry
  5. Final poems: reading and performance
  6. Submissions invited for next time.

Poetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: Register

Registration is a three-part process:

  1. Register here and we’ll send details about tech spec, how to attend and how to apply to be featured.  
  2. Follow my Patreon Poetry Page for updates on the Open Mic. You will see a follow icon the page, top left.  Click that to see all posts about the Open Mic.
  3. Turn up to this Facebook Audio Live at 8pm London time (GMT) on the 2nd Tuesday of the month following your registration and look for the Open Mic Event. The running order for that day will be announced at the beginning of the show.

It’s that easy.

And… if you know other poets who might like to read or perform, do share this post with them. Thank you!

Poets on Patreon

Finally, if you love to read rather than write or perform poetry, there’s lots for you to enjoy at the event and on my patreon page too: exclusive poetry, free books and other bonuses.