Poetry Online Open Mic

Are you a poet? Would you like to take part in “The Prosperous Poet”, my new poetry online open mic and advice clinic?

I’m setting up a monthly event through Facebook Live and Patreon and I’d love to hear from you if you fancy taking part.

poetry online open micPoetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: Opportunity

This event is an opportunity for you to reach a wider audience with your poetry and learn more about making a living as a poet in the digital age. The open mic will:

  • broadcast as a video on Facebook Live and YouTube
  • broadcast as a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Twitch and many other outlets
  • feature, and be archived, on my website
  • be publicized through media and social media

And you will be free to use your appearance however you like in your own marketing.

poetry online open micPoetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: What To Expect

The event is very friendly and inviting, completely open and inclusive, featuring poets at every stage of development.

It is hosted on Facebook Live on the second Tuesday of every month and you need to be happy to be brought onscreen to read or (preferably) perform your poetry.

One long, or two short poems, are invited from regular attendees. The featured poet reads more and talks about the background to their work and asks questions about how to best make a living using online and digital tools and techniques.

Here is the event order:

  • I read one of my poems
  • Open mic: various poetry reading/performances
  • I introduce this month’s featured poet and he or she reads/peforms first poem or two
  • Break
  • Short interview about featured poet’s writing history, genre, influences, ideas
  • Featured Poet reads / performs another poem or two
  • Open Mic: More poetry reading/performances by others
  • I answer the featured poet’s questions about making a living from poetry and address their specific problems/pain points.
  • I read a final poem and invite submissions for next time.

Poetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: Register

poetry online open micTaking part in the Online Open Mic is completely free, although donations to my Patreon page are welcome to support the work.

Follow this three-step process to register and take part:

  1. Register here by filling this form. 
  2. Follow my Patreon Page to receive reminders about the event and what you need to do on the day. (Following is free)
  3.  Turn up to my Facebook Page at 7pm London time (GMT) on the 2nd Tuesday of the month following your registration

It’s that easy.

Poetry Online Open Mic & Advice Clinic: Featured Poet

poetry online open micEach Open Mic will feature one poet, who will be interviewed by me about their poetry, their influences and background. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice about how to make a living and a life in poetry.

If you are interested in being one of those featured poets (only 12 per year), please register as above, then write to sarah@ornaross.com with the words *OPEN MIC FEATURED POET: Please send details* in the subject line.

Sarah will send you full details of next steps.

Poets on PatreonFinally, if you love to read rather than write poetry, there’s lots for you too on my patreon page. A poem a month, free books and other bonuses.

And… if you know other poets who might like to read or perform, do share this post  with them. Thank you!