When it comes to creative intelligence, P is quite a letter. Process, Potential, Practice, Product… and lots more.


It’s as if P nabbed all the most important words in the creative playpen. Here’s a roundup of them and the best Internet links to help you make the most of them:

  • P is for Process.  The single biggest block between people and their creativity is that they don’t understand the creative  process and how it works.  There are 7 stages in that process – and each has its own joys and challenges. Here’s a link to an old post looking at the 7 stages in relation to writing and a close up on Planning & Preparation (2 more P words) for a long piece of writing.

(BTW, we’ll be looking at how to apply these seven stages to varying life situations in a workshop in central London next Friday evening.)

  • P is for Play.  In exchange for your email address, John Williams, author of the new, bestselling book ‘Screw Work, Let’s Play‘, is offering podcasts on how to do just that, together with advice sheets and a bonus audio masterclass (normally £25) on how to get paid to play.
  • P is for Practices. WB Yeats did magic, Zora Neale Hurston swore by floor mopping, for Hemingway it was hunting and fishing. Every creative needs a practice (or two) that sustains their creative endeavours.  Regular readers will know my money is on F-R-E-E-Writing and Inspiration Meditation. If you haven’t tried them yet…do.
  • P is for Creative Principles.  Again there are seven: Imitation, Discrimination, Fermentation, Order, Simplicity, Balance, Transmutation.
  • P is for Productivity. One of the best websites about turning the  principles and process into product is Lateral Action. Oodles information and free stuff.
  • P is for Potential. Catrien Ross, who dissolved her US corporation and withdrew from writing and university teaching to move found an energy-healing centre in the mountains of central Japan, here talks about how you s-t-r-r-r-r-e-t-c-h your potential though the power of intention.

Which brings us back to where we started. Intention is the first stage of the creative process and the stage we’ll be emphasising in our workshop on Friday night next. Do join us.


  • Come to A Workshop: How To Create What You (Really Actually Do) Want .
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