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Creative Intention

I intend to settle in the new members of the creativist club

Creative or Creativist?


Creative History

I’m a writer. I always loved to read and I started to take writing seriously in my early 20s. I sold my first national newspaper article the week my daughter was born. A career in journalism followed until, with my 40th birthday looming, I realized I’d better get started on my first love, fiction writing, or it wasn’t going to happen. I published my first novel — my 2nd most significant writing milestone — in 2006. In 2012, I became interested in self-publishing, took my rights back from my publisher and founded the Alliance of Independent Authors — the best move of my writing and publishing life. I started the Creativist Club to accompany a series of personal development books, Go Creative!, in 2017.

Creativist History

In my 40s, I started applying the creative process to everything in life. It changed everything for me. Life started to make sense for the first time. In the words of my favorite poet, WB Yeats, soul began to “clap its hands and sing” in life as well as writing.

I’ve always been interested in the process of conscious creation and how the creative process applies to life, as well as work and art. I believe this creativist approach is not just a great way to live, but humanity’s best hope of meeting the three most important challenges of our times: bigotry, environmental degradation and human despair.

So I pass on what I’ve learned about creativism and the creative process whenever I can. This club is part of that effort.


I'm passionate about writing, publishing and empowering other creative entrepreneurs. I believe independent creative entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful forces at play in our world today


It's my mission to foster free thinking and creative expression


My mashion is found in that magic point where writing, publishing and creative entrepreneurship meet.

What You Want from the Creativist Club

A community of like-minded, positive, creative people. A place of creative refuge, connection, motivation and inspiration.

Favorite Creative Quote

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." Henry Ford

Work Profile

Current Paid Work Title

Author & Director of the Alliance of independent Authors

Your Paid Work History

I’ve been a schoolteacher. Aerobics teacher. Journalist. University teacher. Writing school and Literary Agency Owner. Author. Self-publisher. Creative facilitator and campaigner.

Unpaid Work Title

Community Creative Work

Unpaid Work History

I never even thought about unpaid work until I had two children and kept a paying job as a freelance journalist going at the same time. That the work of raising the next generation goes unpaid, except in the neediest of circumstances, taught me a lot about life, gender and social values. My unpaid work in recent years has been running a community creative group and working to save a local library.

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How Do You Like To Unwind?

Naps, yoga nidhra, cooking, mindful walking, sitting meditation

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How Do You Like To Exercise?

Jogging, walking, swimming, wall tennis

What Are Your Favorite Creative Pursuits?

Writing poetry, taking pictures with my iPhone, cooking, interior design