One of the three creative flow practices offered in the Go Creative! method is the create-date, a dates-with-self for some baz-off fun. It’s good to record your create dates and there’s a downloadable log in the member zone for that.

Strangely, given that it’s a most-fun-you-can-imagine expedition to do something that excites or delights you, going on a create date is a practice that most of us resist.

Or maybe not so strangely.

We find it so hard, sometimes, to be good to ourselves.

In The Library, you can download a chart that helps you to get, and keep, the habit of a taking weekly create date. You can also easily create your log or record.

Your date doesn’t have to be something normally labeled “creative” and it shouldn’t be directly connected to your work.

A successful create-date is spent doing something that

1] you’d really like to do

Record Your Create Dates

A Log To Record Your Create Dates

2] you haven’t done before, or for a very long time and

3] is pure play (not work in disguise).

Create Dates: Examples

  • It could be playing with a friend’s dog for an hour, or spending some time in the woods. 
  • It could be something scary, like skydiving or bungee jumping. 
  • It could be something childish, like finger painting or trampolining.
  • It could be just a day out at the carnival, the sea-shore, the allotment.

It shouldn’t be “improving”. Don’t go to an art gallery or a library, unless that is your utmost idea of pleasure.

Why to Record Your Create Dates

Saturday is my create-date day and I report back, every so often, with a blog post. But I don’t always get to do that, so I also keep track of my create dates in a log.

This serves many purposes. Firstly, it embeds the knowledge that creative play is important for its own sake. It shows that you showed up, that you gave your creative dimension a whole day. And you can compare your productivity when you are doing creative flow practices like this, compared to when you’re giving into con-mind injunctions that you’re too busy, don’t have time, couldn’t possibly, what with what’s going on in your life right now.

Your log also gives you ideas for when you’re so busy, or upset, or drained that you can’t even remember what feels like fun.

I’d love to hear about your create dates any time in our closed Facebook Group. You can download your Create Date Log here