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Self-Publishing Inspirational Poetry: How I Do It

self-publishing inspirational poetryThe new publishing technologies are bringing poetry to the people, enabling more poetry to be written, performed and published, and more poets to make an income from their work than ever before. I am thrilled to be part of this new poetry movement and self-publishing inspirational poetry books regularly:

If you’d like to receive alerts about any of those, and receive a free book and audio of reading some of my poems, you can sign up using this form. Read on below for details of how I go about self-publishing poetry books.

self-publishing inspirational poetry

Keepers: One of my poetry selections

Self-Publishing Inspirational Poetry: How I Do It

Here’s my process, across ebook, print and audio:

    • Every month I publish new poetry on my blog, Instagram and in . Sometimes, it just “arrives”. Sometimes, I’m asked by a friend to write a poem for a wedding or other occasion. Nature also inspires, especially Gladstone Park, where I’m to be found daily whenever I’m home in my corner of north-west London.
    • Mostly I do first drafts on paper, by hand, in my notebook. Or sometimes I compose #micropoetry directly onto my phone. Most of my poems hit my Instagram page first.
    • Once I have some words composed, the editing begins (see below).
    • When I’m pretty happy with a poem, I’ll publish it on my blog, or publish it exclusively to my patrons on Patreon. My Patreon Page is dedicated to my poetry and to amplifying other indie poets. I publish a new exclusive poem there each month that only patrons can read for a time. Patrons also receive other giveaways and bonuses and my monthly poetry bulletin.
    • When I have ten poems that I feel are publishable, I’m ready to put out a new chapbook. Now audio enters the process for final edits. I do the audiobook first, recording the poems and making final edits and tweaks until I’m happy with how they sound in the reading. This is now the final version of the poem locked down.
    • I publish the audiobook, ebook and print formats, at the same time, to my own website first, then to the other retailers. I go direct to Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Ingram Spark and Kobo, and use PublishDrive to distribute to other outlets.
    • When I have enough for a themed collection, I’ll put together a longer book of 30+ poems, following the same publishing process. These are often built around a particular theme and I’m working on a series of books for occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

self-publishing inspirational poetrySelf-Publishing Inspirational Poetry: Editing

I am a student of the WB Yeats school. In his poem Adam’s curse he spoke of how:

‘A line will take us hours maybe;
Yet if it does not seem a moment’s thought,
Our stitching and unstitching has been naught.

I edit a lot, using a pen to correct the typescript, carrying poems around with me in my bag to work on in spare moments on the tube, or over a coffee.

You can read more about my process in my poem, Writer At Work. When everything “clicks to fit”, as that poem puts it, I’m ready to send the work to my patrons as an exclusive, or put it into a chapbook.

Alliance of Independent Authors’ Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast

Each month, as part of the Alliance of Independent Authors’ Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast, Dalma Szentpály of PublishDrive and I run a poetry podcast for indie authors that features tips and tools.

And we also run Indie Poetry Please, a poetry podcast that features indie poet interviews and audio readings. Find out more here.

Self-Publishing Inspirational Poetry: Summary

self-publishing inspirational poetry