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Speaking at Frankfurt Book Fair about creative publishing

Speaking about international self-publishingon behalf of the Alliance of Independent Authors at Frankfurt Book Fair 2017, with (l) Porter Anderson of Publishing Perspectives and (r) Andy Bromley of Ingram and Kinga Jenetics of PublishDrive

I’m available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year, on the topics of creative writing, creative publishing and creative entrepreneurship, especially for creative women in later life: a powerful force for change that has tremendous unreleased potential.

Creative skills are not taught like intellectual information, they are facilitated and the learner must be empowered by practice. So my favorite form of engagement is small group workshops.

speaking about creative entrepreneurship Please use the Contact Form if you’d like to discuss what I’d bring to your event.

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Joanna Penn: Orna’s events have been life-changing for me. With wisdom, kindness (and the occasional kick in the pants!) she is able to cut through the noise and focus on what’s really important for creatives. Her f-r-e-e-writing exercises have helped me with my books and my business. I highly recommend her events.
Bestselling author and award-winning entrepreneur, TheCreativePenn.com

Mark McGuinness: Amid all the hype about the latest tools and technologies, we don’t hear so much about wisdom, compassion and hard-won experience. Orna Ross has all of these in spades, and is generous in passing on her knowledge. I value my conversations with Orna and always come away with a valuable new perspective on things. I’m sure you will too.
Award-winning poet and creative coach, 21st Century Creative Podcast

Mike Butcher: Packed with useful tips and solid ideas…

Richard Buxton: This course will radically change both my day-to-day and long term approach. It was also highly entertaining and invigorating.

William Collier: Very inspirational and gave me loads of practical steps towards making a living…

Julie Cordiner: Wow! This was a fast-paced, content-packed and inspirational day. A fabulous blend of creative exploration and business-focused wisdom, which encouraged me to develop new perspectives and think strategically about my options for making a living…Unforgettable and great value.

Paul Ian Cross: Orna’s free-writing sessions were incredibly useful to help focus the mind [and] I learned a great deal but I also had time to network… Thank you for a fantastic event!

Cinzia De Santis: In my previous career I had hundreds of hours of training. This session was by far the most useful I’ve attended.

Cheynne Edmonston: This is a value-packed, fun day… Prepare to be highly informed! You won’t be disappointed.

T. K. Elliott: You cannot put a price on information and practical advice from people who have “done it” very successfully. I went home with a clearer idea of what I needed to do next. Thoroughly recommended.

Jennifer Gillham: I’ve finally found my tribe. I had a blast… and now know I Can Do This! I learned. I laughed. I cried. I even peed my pants. Okay, maybe not the last one, but the information and atmosphere was so fun I didn’t want to leave even a second early during breaks to beat the bathroom or coffee lines

Jill Harris: The day after taking this workshop I published an ebook and hired a narrator for [an audiobook]… so inspiring!

Henry Hyde: An information- and enthusiasm-packed day.. You’re plunged into a pool of vital and often ground-breaking information and methodologies that provide you with an extensive armoury… Outstanding.

Reen Jones: An excellent day, well worth the money for the amount of advice and information gathered together for us.

Claire Lewis: An absolutely brilliant day… I have a wealth of information and practical strategies to increase my income, and a greater understanding of my own challenges… all delivered with great humour and energy.

Pia Mandelin: I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who is serious… You leave the day bursting with ideas (and a to-do list the length of your arm!) and realising that what may have seemed like a distant dream, is in fact, achievable.

Hazel Mary Martell: This was a very useful day. As well as lots of practical advice, we were encouraged to look inside ourselves to discover our true motives… Well worth every penny!

Baeti Mary Mothobi: I did not feel out of place or find the presentations out of my depth because the atmosphere was full of reassurance and was inclusive of all equally.

Stephen Oram: This was a day that will inform a lot of what I do over the next five years.

Janine Pounder: You will leave feeling excited, empowered and ready to get started!

Hazel Roberts: The whole day certainly opened my eyes to the future of making a living… it also offered an incredible amount of opportunities, including how to build a brand… There is no stopping me now!!

Tracy Stanley: A valuable workshop with a good balance between content to help you… and activities to challenge mindsets which might be holding you back.

Colin McCarthy-Stewart: I came away with a plan of action that would have taken many, many months (or more!) without the knowledge gained from this day.

Gary Swaby: Helped me understand all the options that are available for me to take advantage of. It filled my mind with productive information …and forced me to evaluate my attitude. I recommend everybody who’s serious about book publishing to sign up for this seminar.

John Harry Thomas: Practical, professional, well presented and organised. Would highly recommend the seminar.

Vilhelmina Ullemar: I travelled to London specifically to attend this workshop. Within the first day of getting back, I’ve already taken more dramatic and progressive action than I had within the entire preceding year. This was an invaluable, energising experience – I’m so glad I took the chance!

Virva: Real eyeopener! Highly recommended! Absolutely worth every penny!

Taron Wade: I found this course to be great value for money. It gave me some practical easy-win next steps, but also a lot to think about in the longer term regarding the economics behind creating a business… A very focused and well-run session. I would highly recommend it…

Ginny Walker: What a fabulous course! Loved the positive ‘can do’ energy in the room all day! The day was informative, fun- packed and thought-provoking. You listened and learned, while taking part in written activities which allowed you to recognise blocks in yourself and the ability to let go of those to move forward! Thank you so much!

Christopher Wills: Contrasts the reality of the business side with a valuable introspective look at the self to get into the [right] mindset.. I recommend it.