Okay, I’m back thinking about freethinking.  See original Post here for a definition.

In one of the web discussions generated by that post, it was suggested that   the concept of spiritual freethinking is an oxymoron.  This seems to be a widespread belief — that freethinking must remain within the material realm, because nothing else is “proven”.  

This feels wrong to me.  It narrows what we allow ourselves to think and explore and test – the essence, surely, of freethought? – and denies whole swathes of human existence, not least the realms of creativity, spirituality and inspiration.  

My favourite realms, dammit.

The realms from which some of the finest human accomplishments have emerged.

I want to explore this.  While accepting the central premises of freethought – that that beliefs should not be received from authority, creed, dogma, myth or supposition but instead be formed on the basis of knowledge and reason – I want to explore these invisible, but undeniable, dimensions of human life.  

I want to know what investigations are taking place, what we are learning.  (Science, after all, can only have all the answers if it’s asking all the questions).  I want to know if my feeling that true freethinking requires not just IQ (intellectual intelligence) but EQ (emotional intelligence) and SQ (spiritual intelligence) is borne out, when I really examine the question.  

When I really free-think about it. 

I want to read and research, and question and think until I reach the point where I can confidently support my intuitive answer to the question: is spiritual freethinking an oxymoron?