love poetry: leaves

Today’s Sunday Sample is a poem from a collection I’m putting together of bittersweet love poetry: Leaves

I’ll launch the collection next year, Valentine’s Day. If you’d like me to write a poem for you, write telling me about a love in your life and I’ll see if inspiration rises.

Love Poetry: Leaves

Oh yes, he said,
fingers trailing.

I drifted along
this river until
I moored
myself here.

I stopped because
I saw how
the light gathered
round your trees,
he said,

the lie of the leaves
brown on the branches
and the colorless hills.

I have come to you from far away, he said.
I was moved
here by the mist.

I liked how you touched
my hot face
with your pale thoughts, he said.

Look at that floating leaf.
And love me, he said.

Look how it falls through the air.
Love me true.

Now I must leave.


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Orna Ross
Author: Orna Ross

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