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Becoming A Writer

Becoming A Creative Entrepreneur
: Creative Business, Creativism and Creativists

Becoming A Writer, Becoming A Creative Entrepreneur

I vividly remember the first book I ever read about the creative process. It was a bright blue, frisky, spring day and I was taking a bus to Skerries, a town on the north Dublin coast, to see if it was a place where I might like to live. And I was reading, of course. Then, as now, I was always reading or writing. That day, I was reading a book about writing, the most useful book about writing I was ever to read: Becoming A Writer by Dorothea Brande. It was one of those reading experiences where you feel…

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Creative Publishing

Defining 'The Creative'

An Answer to the Perennial Question: What Is Creativity? Creativity is vaporous, nebulous. It resists being quantified. It refuses access to those who try to own it, grasp it or chase it. Every creative wrestles with two inter-connected challenges. How to make a good life for ourselves. And how to capture our Read More

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Becoming A Writer, Becoming A Creative Entrepreneur
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