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Creative Living: Create Dates

Create Date: New World Order Blockchain Exhibition

This week’s Create Date was at Furtherfield Gallery, following my interest in Blockchain tech and what it might mean for authors. The blockchain is the technology that underpins digital currencies which, depending on who you talk to, is set to enrich or demote humanity. The artworks in this exhibition – work by Pete Gomes, Rob Myers, Primavera De Filippi of O’Khaos, Terra0, Lina Theodorou and xfx (aka Ami Clarke) and others – are the kind that make the mind boggle. They imagine a world in which many aspects of life (reproduction, social organization, nurture, nature) have been mechanized and automated by…

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Wanted. Your Stories, Artworks, Poems…

Image from Metaphor.co.jp It’s showtime! I know that many (most?) of you like to write, to draw and to make things — sometimes all at once. You’re a talented lot and I’d like to introduce you to each other. From now on, Sunday will be Showcase Day.  I’ll be publishing the best of your stories, artwork, book chapters, poems, photographs… To start, enjoy the illustration (right) called, Read More

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