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Like to Review My Compendium For Creativists?

  This is not a book about writing or innovation, arts or craft, but a collection of chapters from my Go Creative! series, blended with personal stories and poems. It offers enduring teachings about creative presence and practice, enabling you to beat block, foster flow, and become ever more creative in everything you do. Chapters include: What Is A Conscious Creation? The Seven Stages of The Creative Process How To Create Anything Where The Law of Attraction Goes Wrong and many more. But what makes it unique are the stories and poems. Extracts from the novels illustrate creative principles in action, in the lives…

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Creative Publishing

Take Their Timing.

When Archibald Leach was turning himself into Cary Grant, his theatre work brought him to George Burns and Gracie Allen.  He was fascinated by the comic duo’s act: the interplay between George’s dead-pan calm in the face of Gracie’s manic stupidity and dizzy, ceaseless chatter. Obviously agreeing with Salvador Dali that ‘those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing’, Grant spent hours watching  Read More

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