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Creative Cancer 1: Survival: Ten Years On

Ten years ago today, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so the fact that I am here today to write this post is a celebration for me. When I got the diagnosis, my fervent wish was that I would survive long enough to see my daughter and son, then teenagers, fully grown. And that I might find a new way to get my writings out to the world. I was then publishing my second book with Penguin and had seen behind the smoke and mirrors of trade publishing. Denied any input into how my books were marketed and presented, I wanted…

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My Chicken-Skinned Arm

One of the many interesting people I’ve met at The Red Vic, the B&B I’m staying in here in San Francisco, is Laurie Marshall, writer, educator, peace activist and artist.  Laurie is instigator of The Singing Tree Art Project, aiming to unite divided young people through having them work on a shared mural, based around the concept of planet earth as the ‘singing tree’ of the cosmos. Her most

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