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Season’s Greetings (and some gifts for you)

I have some gifts — three freebies and three discount offers — that I hope will put a smile on your face this holiday season. All of these make a good gift for yourself — or to pass on to a friend who is interested in such things. THREE FREEBIES  FREE EBOOK: A Compendium For Creativists This is an anthology of advice for creatives and creativists and anyone interested in conscious creation: Get your free book here   FREE MOTIVATOR MAIL: Weekly creative reminder Each week through the year, I send a motivator mail on Mondays with maps and logs…

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Creative Publishing

Take Their Timing.

When Archibald Leach was turning himself into Cary Grant, his theatre work brought him to George Burns and Gracie Allen.  He was fascinated by the comic duo’s act: the interplay between George’s dead-pan calm in the face of Gracie’s manic stupidity and dizzy, ceaseless chatter. Obviously agreeing with Salvador Dali that ‘those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing’, Grant spent hours watching  Read More

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