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power of creative intention for creativepreneurs
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The Power of Creative Intention for Creativepreneurs Part 1: Three Core Creative Principles

Today we begin a new blog series about the power of creative intention for creativepreneurs. We are all, always, creating, whether we know it or not. Sometimes we create consciously, more often unconsciously. Some of our wants and desires, like the desire to read or eat, have sex or drink a glass of water, are cyclical. They rise, are satisfied for a while, then they come round again. Just because you drank water yesterday doesn’t mean you won’t get thirsty today. Others are one-offs; once satisfied, they’re replaced by a new desire, a different want. We finish a degree then want a…

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Go Creative… With Germaine Greer

Last Time: Go Creative… With Albert Einstein “Art is anything an artist calls art.  An artist is someone who makes or does something she or he thinks of as art. Most art is bad, but you don’t get the good art without the bad. “Our best artists make stuff they know is bad; the difference is that they destroy it themselves. “Art is a part of life, but in order to be art it has to create for itself a

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