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Creative Rest

Creative Living: Creative Practice, Effortless Exercise

This Week’s Book Extract: from Creativist Compendium

Letting Go An extract from Creativist Compendium Conscious Creation is not about working relentlessly hard to meet goals. Though effort is needed, it’s not the conventional effort of striving, stress, or strain, and intentional rest is very much part of the process. This extract from Inspiration Medi- tation, introduces the concept of such intentional rest. Creative rest is not time off from the creative process: it is the creative process. Every productive writer and artist talks about how the best ideas, the ones with most depth, resonance and coherence, surface during downtime. “When I am… completely myself, entirely alone and…

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Creative Living: Be More Creative, Creative Practice

Take A Creative Rest.

Success in any creative endeavour comes through action but also, less obviously, through rest. Writers and artists know this better than most — we’re the only ones who are allowed to spend an hour staring out the window and call it work. And every performance art has its caesura, the pause of stillness that reveals the action’s essential significance. Conventional intelligence  gets things done but often completely undervalues the creative power of the pause. In consumer culture, “time is money” and, by implication, must be filled with activity. This attitude, together with technology, means that more and more people are spending…

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Creative Publishing

Ideas of the Decade

Having taught in art schools for most of my four decades in the classroom, I am [also] used to having students who work with their hands—ceramicists, weavers, woodworkers, metal smiths, jazz drummers. There is a calm, centered, Zen-like engagement with the physical world in their lives. In contrast, I see glib, cynical, neurotic elite-school graduates roiling everywhere in journalism and the media. They have been ill-served by their trendy, word-centered educations.

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