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Go Creative! Monday Motivator: Week 5, Oct 2017

What are you creating this week? Me, I’m happily preparing for my Go Creative! Day Workshop for creative entrepreneurs on November 25th. By “creative entrepreneurs” I mean those I think of as my tribe: authors, artists of all kinds, coaches, trainers and educators, counselors and healers, activists, makers and shakers and doers. Most especially those who want to make a living doing what they love, while also making a positive impact in the world. The Workshop Today I’d like to introduce you to four people who are going to help to make it a memorable day. Sandra Turnbull (left), of Goddess Kindled and moderator of the Creativist Club. Sondra appeared…

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Skin Diving. Chapter 2.

My New Novel (Serialised fortnightly on Fridays). Chapter 2. Gaining Entry. Previous Chapters Can be Read Here. The Story So Far: Mel McIntyre has been delivered to an ‘Advanced Psychotherapeutic Facility’ in upstate New York by her father, Mack. The mystery of her baby sister’s death twenty years ago in questionable circumstances has long haunted the McIntyre family and knowing the truth of what happened has become crucial for Mel. Now Read On: The good doctor doesn’t know it but he has a tree growing out of his head. No, this isn’t what my mother likes to call ‘one of Mel’s…

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Skin Diving. Sample

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter One: Letter to Self ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tall gates glide open to receive us. Hagan, Mack’s chauffeur, slides the Bentley over the speed bumps all the way along the avenue. ‘Sleeping policemen’, Mack says. ‘What?’ ‘That’s what they call them in Ireland,’ he says. ‘Which tells you all you need to know about the Irish attitude to the police. Lie down there, lads, and we’ll go slow as we drive over ye’. I open the window, stick out my head, to get away from this string of meaningless words. Tall trees are leaning towards each other from either side of the avenue, intertwining…

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