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WB Yeats’s Fanatic Heart Was Not For Ireland But For Love

“It was all ‘father, oh father’,” Bob Geldof says, mimicking a pious female voice addressing a priest. Then in his own voice: “Fuck off, you’re not my father.” Geldof is railing against Irish groveling to the Roman Catholic  church in Fanatic Heart, a documentary about the life and work of Ireland’s great poet (and subject of my most recent novel): William Butler Yeats. Geldof argues that the poet and  literary statesman brought about revolutionary change in Ireland’s struggle for independence, without firing a bullet. Instead of guns, his modus operandi was a poetic national vision, betrayed by the Roman Catholic nation-state that emerged after Irish independence. So it was not…

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Your Divided Brain

Have you seen any of the RSAnimates? They’re really nicely done. Like TED, the RSA (Royal Society of the Arts) runs lecture series aiming to air exciting ideas on subjects from climate change to credit crunch. What has the Internet buzzing with millions of hits, though, is how the lectures are

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