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Creative Living: Creativist Musings

Do you have an equality complex?

We all know what a superiority complex is… and can easily see that it drains creative energy. Thinking you are better than others is one of the fastest ways to shut down your capacity for experimentation and collaboration, two key creative traits. Also problematic is its opposite, an inferiority complex, which is a hive-bed for fear, resistance and self-sabotage. But what about the equality complex? I didn’t even know there was such a thing until I heard it described by Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay), who pointed out that it too required you to see yourself as separate from (some group of) others and…

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A Creative Manifesto: For Creatives and Creativists

One: Going Creative Accepting that my relationship with my own mind and its creative capacities defines all the other relationships in my life, I resolve to foster conscious creative awareness and connection. I seek opportunities to express my truth, offer fresh insights,  foster innovation, and contribute to imaginative outcomes. Two: Amplifying Happiness Accepting that I and the world need to rebalance a bias towards the conventional, the negative and the destructive, I focus on and accentuate the creative, the positive and the life-enhancing. While not denying any suffering that exists within me or around me, and allowing myself to observe and express the truth of…

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Go Creative… With Francis Ford Coppola

Last Time: Go Creative… With Haruki Murakami “I’ve learned an interesting thing…  If you hold out with your vision a little bit, it’s like a cake being put in the oven. [If] the scene doesn’t work immediately, you have to bake it a little bit. “It’s unfair, when you begin to create a shot, say, or a scene, [to expect] that it’s going to immediately be like those beautiful scenes in the movies. It needs a little bit of time to mature. “It’s like taking the Read More

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The No 1 Belief You Need for Conscious Creation.

The creation of anything worthwhile rests on a bedrock of  belief. What we believe about anything, creativity included, varies from person to person but the one conviction that all conscious creators share is that making meaning is important. The need to make meaning is what distinguishes humans from all the other lifeforms on the planet. Artists do it through Read More

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