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Creative Writing: Inspirational Poetry

A Poem For Brigid’s Day

My mother’s name is Brigid, though everyone knows her as Ida, named as almost every Irish person used to be, after a saint. St Brigid, one of the patron saints of Ireland, whose feast day is today, the old Irish imbolc, the first day of spring. Much to my own surprise I found a poem about Brigid rising a while ago. I saved it for today. It’s in the style of the old Irish poetry, the oldest vernacular poetry in Europe. ~~~~~ Queen of queens, they called her in the old books, the Irish Mary. Never washed her hands nor her head in sight…

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Who Needs Your Opinion.

Screenwriter William Goldman famously said of Hollywood: ‘Nobody knows anything’. The same is true of writing, as these judgements  of writers by writers below go to show. Leo Tolstoy on William Shakespeare: “Crude, immoral, vulgar and senseless.” William Faulkner on Mark Twain: “A hack writer who would not have been considered fourth rate in Europe, who tried out a few of the old proven ‘sure-fire’ literary skeletons with sufficient local colour to intrige the superficial and the lazy.” Willam Makepeace Thackeray on Jonathan Swift: “A monster gibbering shrieks, and Read More

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