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Creative Writing: WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Iseult Gonne

Tormentor Mentors

Certainly, the fact that no money changed hands in the past did not guarantee a positive experience for protégés. Having parried Yeats’s sexual attentions and refused his offer of marriage, Iseult Gonne moved on to a new champion, Ezra Pound, nurturer of the work of a remarkably diverse selection of writers, including James Joyce, TS Eliot and Ernst Hemingway.

Pound took Gonne’s talent seriously and offered her excellent advice in his ebullient way, but again the guidance was compromised by a desire to seduce her. Sexually, he had more success than Yeats but nothing of artistic significance emerged from the liaison

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Creative Writing: film poems, My Poetry

The Writer’s Call: A Film Poem About Why I Write

The Writer’s Call: A Poem Your words must wash the floor for love, I heard it all declare. I kissed my pen, swore this decree to air. Then set to work on bended knee, a childlike creep through house and street, to clean through what’s encrusted there. It’s done for you, kind reader, dear, who walks my words across the page, who seeks clear ground in marks I make: that glisten in your gleaning eye, that shines with mine, us both to see how in the clearing, all can be.

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Fighting for Peace.

As someone who agrees with the sentiment behind the crudely expressed saying, that (strong language objectors, avert your eyes) “fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity”, I cannot imagine ever wearing a poppy, despite agreeing with the British Legion website when it asserts that “remembrance transcends all boundaries”. That assertion would be more convincing if,

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