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Creative Writing: My Haiku

Haiku of the Week Features: Evening Sun

Golden path. / Evening sun on sea calling / walk this way. Now Your Turn: Capture a moment of creative presence: Write a 3-7-3 or a 5-7-5 haiku. Here’s how. Use the 13 or 17 syllables to give a short summation of a moment: what you saw, heard, touched, tasted or smelled. Turn the moment in time into an image. Don’t tell us what happened, show us. Don’t tell us how you felt. Trust the images, the sense perception, to hold the emotion. A good haiku conveys a mood, without mentioning the person or mood. Every place, every moment in time,…

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But Is It Art?

In The Art Instinct, art philosopher and author Denis Dutton, isolates 12 core characteristic features of art across times and cultures. Some of these refer to acts of creation, some to the objects created, some to the experience of those objects. The following 9 of those characteristics provide criteria by which an individual work might be evaluated and assessed as art: 1. Direct Pleasure. The art object – narrative story, crafted artefact or visual or aural performance – must be valued as a source of immediate experiential pleasure in itself. 2. Skill & Virtuosity. The demonstration of skill is one of Read More

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