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New Year’s resolutions

: Creative Business

The Difference Between New Year’s Resolutions and Creative Intentions

Last year, a wide-ranging reserach project found that almost 90% of people break New Year’s resolutions within days or weeks. Thousands of smaller studies agree. And we all know it ourselves. Yet the research also consistently shows that those who do make resolutions are more successful in creating what they want than those who don’t. New Year’s resolutions rely on … well…. resolution. Willpower. Yet tons more psychological research–as well as all sages worth their salt–assert that willpower is only fractionally as powerful as the imagination. I agree. I’ve seen countless other creative entrepreneurs try both ways and can confidently say: If you’re looking for a better…

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The Creative Way. Saatchi Brothers.

Q: How did you and your brother manage to start your agency Saatchi & Saatchi when you were in your 20s and get it to #1 so fast? A: My brother did the client contact part, and we made sure he was so well briefed, so well versed, that whenever he attended a meeting with head people from prospective clients, he knew more about the client’s problems and opportunities, and more about their competitor’s prospects and weaknesses than any other person in the room. Not much different to the Method School of Acting where  Read More

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