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The 3rd Stage of the Creative Process. Investigation.

Creativity cannot be killed but it can be starved into stagnation by ignorance. Ignorance of the process. Or ignorance about the thing or experience you’re trying to create. When we know what we’re making, and are confident of our ability to bring it into being, we don’t overthink it. It feels as if it just happens. (Dinner, anyone?) But when what we want to create is a stretch for us (banquet for 100 people, anyone?), we need to investigate what needs doing, until we  thoroughly understand the challenges. After fear, the cause of most creative blocks is under-investigation, not knowing the world…

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Creative Publishing

Good Creative Intentions Start Here

Creative intentions are not reducible to the ‘goals’ beloved of business management and success gurus. It is certainly possible to bring a desire to fulfilment using this sort of motivation but, for many, particularly those of a more creative bent, such an approach leads to frustration, procrastination and block. It’s too managerial, too rational, too conscious. What’s missing is a tap into the vast reservoir of the imagination. In setting creative intention, it is useful to think about the mind, and our experience of the world, in three Read More

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