Talking Self-publishing for The Guardian Books Podcast

Talking Self-publishing for The Guardian Books Podcast

Yes, once again I’m out and about talking about the freedom and joy of self-publishing, this time on the Guardian Books Podcast, recorded by Richard Lea at the London Book Fair.

You’ll enjoy listening to the wonderful Catherine Quinn, who, after her sister told her to stop moping about not having an agent, bit the bullet and sold 150,000 copies of her self-published fiction, then signed with Amazon Publishing.

Also there, talking super sense as usual, is Hugh Howey, the wonderful author of the Wool trilogy and great advocate for indie authors, through

Featured too are The Bookseller’s Philip Jones, Curtis Brown’s Gordon Wise, and Sphere’s Commissioning Editor Jade Chandler.

Get past the intro — which belongs to two years ago — and there’s lots of interesting points and debates.

Go on, put the kettle on and have a listen!