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    F-R-E-E-Writing rights.

  2. At a daily level, it improves your psychic state, elevates your mood, makes you feel centred, sets you up for your day. We almost always feels better after a F-R-E-E-Writing session than before.
  3. F-R-E-E-Writing uncovers.
    Because we write as fast as possible, thoughts and emotions are allowed to rise without the internal censor kicking in. This brings us to new understandings — concealed meanings and significances are brought to the surface. Author, Virginia Woolf, calls them “shocks”, those moments of profound insight that come from examining our past, because of how they force an awareness we wouldn’t otherwise have had.
  4. F-R-E-E-Writing EBOOKF-R-E-E-Writing unblocks.
    The new recognitions, ideas and emotions overcome habitual anxieties or self-sabotage. This is a very different dynamic from attempting to control what we perceive to be our flaws or bad habits. Consciously disciplining ourselves into change is generally doomed. We manage it for a time but our old, ingrained ways resurface, stronger than ever. (We see this dynamic clearly in binge drinkers or compulsive eaters but it is there to an extent in us all.) With regular F-R-E-E-Writing, the shells of our bad habits fall away as new experiences and preferences emerge – without conscious manipulation.
  5. F-R-E-E-Writing connects.
    We connect with the outer world, by increasing our awareness of our relationships, with other people, with certain experiences, with places, with things. And when we write fast, we also connect with our inner world at its deeper levels: the unconscious emotions, the intuitive, insightful, creative and inspired.
  6. F-R-E-E-Writing contextualises.
    Over time, we realise that our lives have been going somewhere, however blind we may have been to the direction. We find the connections that lie beneath the surface fractures and puzzles, the meaning that has been trying to establish itself in us. 
  7. F-R-E-E-Writing supports.
    F-R-E-E-Writing allows us to take risks from a place of safety. Re-entering the experiences of our lives allows them to serve as starting points for new, often unpredictable inner movements that yield profound transformations. We are protected by the inherent safety of the process, that moves and shifts us at our own pace.
  8. F-R-E-E-Writing empowers.
    F-R-E-E-Writing teaches us to trust our own experience of the world, our own intuition – essential to enable us to live as free and full human beings – and gives us confidence that we are able to express them. 
  9. F-R-E-E-Writing stabilises.
    Truly allowing all the voices inside diminishes the power of any one.
  10. F-R-E-E-Writing clears.
    Sometimes, yes, we may be overwrought in our F-R-E-E-Writing. Or whiny or irritable or sad or angry or miserable. Or joyful or elated or carefree or blissed out. Over time, all our emotions will find their way in and we come to see how transient they are. Allowing all the “negative” emotions, ideas and feelings within us and giving them free vent in our notebooks, siphons them off. This greatly lessens their hold on us. This is why some people see F-R-E-E-Writing as a form of meditation.
  11. F-R-E-E-Writing transforms.
    In order to change ourselves, to grow, to feel less pain and more happiness, we don’t have to push or strain or strive. All that is necessary is that we see what is there and stay with it, accepting it for what it is. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh calls this “looking deeply”. Once you do this, he says, “you get relief and you find out how to handle that emotion… It’s like a mother when the baby is crying. Your negative feeling is your baby. You have to take care of it. You have to go back to yourself, recognize the suffering in you, embrace the suffering, and then you get relief. And if you continue looking deeply, you come to understand the roots, the nature of your suffering, and you know the way to transform it.” F-R-E-E-Writing is the ideal way to do this, a form of active meditation that sets us free by opening doorways, dissolving blocks, unleashing binds. It delivers a larger, livelier, more expressive you.

“Be yourself,” said the great wit Oscar Wilde. “Everyone else is taken.” 

More than anything else, that is what F-R-E-E-Writing enables: your personal self-expression. Each session is another opportunity to see, to allow, open up and become. 

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