I would, except…

Cocoon Nebula

…I don’t have time.

…I need to be near the sea.

…I have to get up early with the children.

The reasons people give for not creating what they want to create are legion but they all have one thing in common: none of them is the real reason.

However it may appear on the outside, nobody lives an idyllic life where creativity just spontaneously flows, day in day out, tra la la.

Human life is human life, everywhere, even when you overlook the ocean. Ups and downs. Desires and demands and duties.

Mud and lotus.

The difference is that those who consciously create know how to cocoon.

To take time out of time. To stop thinking, pushing, striving, doing. To drop the drive of ego and allow something else to be.

Half an hour a day is enough and it helps to have a practice (Mine are meditation and FREEWriting).


(How) Do you cocoon?