The Power of Now

With thanks to Eckhart Tolle.

The talkers talk
of leaving or remaining
who should go, what cannot stay
who’s right, what’s wrong
where’s goodness gone. Too
many old, the lawless young
we’re bound to pay, we’ll come undone
the planet’s doomed, the coming bomb.

But yet

the young never brought forth more than now
the old never garnered more than now
peace was never planted more than now
goodness has never grown more than now
and goodness knows
we are as welcome as we ever were
here in the presence of now

And so

rocked in the holy hold of now
washed in the mighty strength of now
buoyed in the empty space of now

I turn

close my ears to third-hand tales
look no more through blinded eyes
feed no more on skeletons.

Here now
all the world at play within me
all the worlds at work around me
just one thing to do before me

of all