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The Yeats-Gonne Trilogy: Time-slip fiction set in 1890s and 1910s London, France and Ireland

The Yeats-Gonne Trilogy tells the story of the strange love triangle between the poet WB Yeats, his long-time muse Maud Gonne and her daughter, Iseult.

Each of these books can be read as a standalone.

Taken together they cover the years from 1889 to 1923 and are set in Ireland, London and France.

Yeats Gonne Trilogy Box Set

It’s 1916, the world is at war, Ireland has just embarked on a doomed rebellion against the British, and WB Yeats, the famous Irish poet, has decided that “having come to 50 years”, he is in need of a wife.

Just then comes the news that the love of his life, Maud Gonne, has been widowed and in the most spectacular way: her estranged husband John MacBride has been executed by the British government for his part in the 1916 Irish uprising.

Maud dispatches her 23-year-old daughter, Iseult, to ask the poet to help them get to Ireland, so they can be part of the independence revolution there. Iseult is as tall and beautiful as her mother was at that age, but with a more literary leaning, and her presence stirs the poet to painful memories and new, somewhat frightening, feelings.

As war escalates in Europe and revolution foments in Ireland, the public struggles for freedom and respect are played out in their intimate love triangle. And watching their every move and thought is Delaney, the Irish spinster who has been Maud’s companion and support for almost two decades.

Delaney has her own thoughts about the goings-on as these three intense, and intensely talented mavericks, try to redeem their past.  Can they rise to what’s needed or will they end up destroying the future for all?

Secret Rose Book Covers Her Secret Rose: Willie and Maud

Dancing In the Wind: Iseult and Willie [PreorderYeats-Gonne Trilogy