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Time-Slip Fiction

I write  Time-Slip Fiction: novels with interconnected stories and timelines, that excavate buried secrets and hidden treasures.

The stories I tell—of rebellion and revolution, of civil wars and independence movements, of lovers and loved divided—are rooted in my belief in the ever-present possibility of redemption.

I enjoy writing twists and surprises into my plots and playing with Irish twists on the English language in my sentences.

I’m Irish living in London so there are usually two settings in my stories, often Ireland and elsewhere but the big journey that my characters take is always inwards.

Time-Slip Fiction: The Time-Slip Detective Series

This series is in planning at the moment. The “detective” is Richard, Jo’s son from the Irish Trilogy, now settled in Dublin where he works as an online family-mystery solver.

You can buy my novels in ebook format directly from me here on this website or in print on all good online bookstores, like Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Google Play.