A piece of literature or work of art is deemed to be unified when all its elements combine to make a complete, balancedIMG_0173 and harmonious whole, working together for the achievement of its purpose.

Nothing irrelevant to this central purpose (often called theme) is included, nothing essential to it is omitted and the parts are arranged in the most effective order for the achievement of its raison d’etre.

Here are some things that might happen if we were to attempt to apply this concept of artistic unity to our lives.

1. We would know (or be aiming to know asap), our guiding purpose — a purpose meaningful enough to take us through our whole life.

2. We would be able to examine each life choice in the light of that purpose. This would make it much simpler to decide what, and who, we should include or omit from our lives. (Warning on this one: simple isn’t always easy).

3. We would find it easier to prioritise and order our commitments.

4. Our thoughts, words and actions would line up, any disjunctions driven out by that central raison d’etre.

5. We would experience, first-hand, how division distracts but unity directs.


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