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At the end of May, despite being busy, as always, with current writing projects and ALLi efforts, Orna put up her book Blue Mercy on a $0.99 promotion for a couple of days.

I’m always amazed at where she finds her energy, but that’s what she wanted to do, so we got the promotion going.

The uptake from the promotion was fantastic, especially on Amazon and Apple iBooks, and helped push Blue Mercy back up the sales charts. (On first publication, Orna’s three novels After The Rising, Before The Fall and Blue Mercy occupied three of the top five slots on Amazon’s literary fiction category).

Most importantly, the book reached thousands of new readers who wouldn’t have known about it without the promotion.

As a literary strategist, the process taught me something key: Never neglect the backlist.

The brilliance of the internet and being your own publisher today means that book promotions do not have to happen just at launch.

We can have mini-launches and promotions anytime over the lifespan of the book (and our books will outlast us all!).

I’ve heard Orna say the Internet, and online bookstores, make a Bob Dylan of us all, allowing us to be on the never-ending tour.

  • So if you’re an author, don’t forget to give your backlist, as well as your new books and projects, a little nurturing.
  • And if you’re a creativist, what in your life do you consider to be old hat? What are you neglecting or overlooking that might enjoy some time in the sun? As always, if you’re unsure, try F-R-E-E-Writing your answers to those questions.

The book promotion experience was so good, Orna’s doing it again.

If you’re looking for a summer read, check out her next promotion for After The Rising, available at $0.99 and £0.99 for one day only on 29 June 2015.

Orna Ross
Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is an award-winning novelist and poet, advocate for self-publishing and, as Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, "one of the 100 most influential people in publishing" (The Bookseller).