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This week’s Go Creative! Show sees the last of this series about the pre-intention phase of the creative process. setting a creative intention

Sondra has been talking us through her experience of setting a clear money intention to get her financial life where she wants it to be.  Ready now, after some weeks of preparation, to set her core intention, she is surprised to find the intention she finally sets isn’t one of her Significant Seven wants, nor one of her Top Three.

We discuss how change is the only constant in the creative process and how, in the words of the EL Doctorow, conscious creation is like driving a car at night: “You never see further than your headlights, but  you can make the whole journey that way.” And how exciting life becomes, once we accept that.

And how exciting life becomes, once we accept that and live from that knowledge.

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Sarah Begley
Author: Sarah Begley