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I’m home from Madeira, refreshed and relaxed if not as sun-kissed as I’d hoped.

Photo left shows the kind of weather we got. That’s a wave breaking on our beach and color settings on the camera, not black and white.

It’s a measure of the loveliness of the island that we had a wonderful time. 

Our March Go Creative! workshop was a little late this month, because of my holiday. If you missed it, you can catch up here: watch the video replay here.

We’ll have a full transcript shortly for those of you who prefer text mode. Meantime, I asked the lovely Janet to do a summary of the workshop (see below), as I’m a bit close to it all. 

This week I’ll be working on the final edits for the first book in the series. What about you? What are you creating this week? Come on over to join us in The Creativist Cafe on Facebook and share.

Till next time, happy hatchings!


Janet’s Report

Creative solopreneurs have to learn how to use the right tools and create systems to automate and earn money outside of the labor, so we are not always trading time for money, but earning income from scalable assets. 

How does the Director think in relation to the Crafter and Entrepreneur, the other hats we wear in our creative businesses?

The Director sees the business as a whole and thinks about the customers and about service, about tools, assets, processes, systems. The Director craves order. The Entrepreneur focuses on turning ideas into value, and the Crafter creates the product and services. The Director shapes these into assets to earn income outside of the labor and to reach everyone by providing different products and different price points. 

Resistance is one barrier to exploring and improving these processes.

Janet’s personal response to the workshop

I’m thinking about what my identity is by considering what my mission is. What do I see as broken and want to fix? I’m developing my voice to speak to women who share the same values and common experiences that I’ve had. I’m creating fiction to connect with readers and other creatives. I’m inviting readers to the page, to my website, to other channels where I get my message out. This is where my mission meets my passion, my “mashion“.

Call To Action

Think about your passion, but then think about your profit because that’s what business is. That’s how you serve your audience. What vision do you have as the Director working ON your business

Final Tip from Janet: I try to observe the resistance, to access my creative mind, and turn off the thinking mind. What do I have to do? I create a list on paper, and that list of things usually details reading I want to do, then f-r-e-e-writing on my Autohaus Freewrite typewriter! Clickety Clack! Then I just do the task that I’ve been avoiding. I remind myself that nothing makes me feel better except doing the work. And that’s it – AWARENESS. My tools and my process focus my awareness.

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