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This week for me will be finishing the film script, writing my first poem for my patrons at and preparing for next week’s first-Tuesday Go Creative! Workshop.

An interesting development arose from the feedback on our last event about the seven kinds of creative block: I missed one.

A big one. And–quelle surprise!–it’s the one that I fall foul of myself.

It’s part of Block 6: Wrong Choices, but it deserves special mention. It’s doing too much.

Taking on things we shouldn’t. Having too many projects open at once. Saying yes when we should say no.

Is this one of your blocks? Are there any others that I’ve missed? Take a look at the replay and see where you fit in.

In June’s workshop (first Tuesday), I’ll be talking about how to beat block in all its forms. Sign up here to get an alert to join us.

What about you? What are you creating this week? Do let me know in The Guestbook.

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