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This week for me is about finishing my poetry non-fiction book, How To Write Haiku.

To finish this book I have to overcome two consistent challenges: finding time and staying focused.  (See my facebook author page for more on this).

I’m currently planning the Fall Go Creative! Workshops, which will follow up on the Spring session, and I want to focus on your most acute challenges for those. In the forum, I asked the question: What is your greatest challenge, as a creative entrepreneur?

Here are some of the answers:

Laurie: Ugh. Everyday distractions!

Breda: Technology and trying to define a niche. I work on a broad canvas from my vast experience

Marie:  Right now? It is having a full-on care situation but the hardest thing is doing what I need to do first and then what I want to without beating myself up. Staying calm. If calm, the stuff I want to do gets done. If I spend time wishing things were otherwise then it doesn’t.

Julie: Finding the one thing that will make the biggest difference to my aim of building up confidence in my creativity. I am juggling far too many things but I’m not sure what would be the best thing to focus on.

Lena: Lack of time

Mala: The balance needed between creating and marketing.

Grace: How to make money out of something that’s a passion

CoCo: Most of my clients are broke financially, so they cannot afford my fees. Doing a lot of pro-bono work and trades. So, I have to keep my day job to pay the bills.

In summary, time, money and focus.

That’s what I’ll be covering in tomorrow night’s free online workshop, How A Creative Entrepreneur Works, Rests and Plays.

To join the workshop, come to my Facebook Page, where I’ll be live at 6pm London time Tuesday 17th July. Or catch up there any time that suits you.

My workshops are always free and have no upsell (except a low-key invitation to buy my books or join us in the Creativist Club).

What about you? What challenge will you face as you go about your creative work this week? What rest and play will you enjoy to support your creative intentions?

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